Meet the Founder


Lynn Anderson
Chief Talent Officer and Founder

Her elevator resume

Leader in IT/ERP consulting in the public sector, healthcare, telecommunications, energy and retail industries. Executive and Career Coach for Women. Author, Radio Show Co-Host (Women Warriors) and Board Member for Women Non-Profit Networks (AWN, ABWA).

Why the Metis Movement is important to me?

During my career, there were very few role models and little support for women in technology. I passionately believe that women are strong, effective leaders that technology organizations need to succeed. Helping build successful careers for women in technology is critical and really important to me.

Best career advice ever received

I had a great mentor early in my consulting career. He said, “Focus on helping your customers and others, remember to take a break now and then (he loved fishing) and enjoy life. Your career will span many years so don’t get too anxious.” It was wonderful advice. I love tennis and that has helped me to let go of frustrations and have fun many times over the years.

Founder’s insight

Listen to your heart and find passion in whatever you do. Be sure to have a life outside of your profession.

Favorite books on my Nook, iPAD & Kindle

I love thrillers and mysteries. Some of my favorite authors are Michael Connelly, Janet Evanovich and Lisa Gardner. I also loved the book Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott. It’s a wonderful book about how to let others know how you really feel.

Most admired women

I have a set of Women Warrior cards, 32 women I really admire. They include Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, Joan of Arc (of whom I also have a medallion), Helen Keller and Marie Curie.

What colleagues say about her

She can really accomplish a lot in a short period of time. She’s not afraid to take risks.

Career advice she often gives others

Be sure to have a well-rounded life full of friends, family and fun. Enjoy the work you are doing. Give 100% to whomever or whatever you are doing at the time. Don’t multi-task and lose attention; listen to what people are telling you.

What she tells herself often

I remind myself to slow down. I often try to go too fast and miss out on the  wonderful, small things happening around me. So I have to remind myself to listen to my heart and slow down. Enjoy life!

On being a career woman

I realized early in my adult life that I loved my work and my family. So when I was focused on my career, I looked at what help I needed to be successful at both and sought that help out. I also focused on enjoying the company around me and finding time for me to recharge and rejuvenate, which has helped me meet the challenges I faced each week.

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