Affiliates and Service Providers


How would you like to get paid when you recommend The Metis Movement to your friends, co-workers, clients and network? It’s easy. Simply join our Affiliate Program.


Do you provide services that would benefit the members of The Metis Movement? Join our Service Providers Program and share your services with our wonderful community of women.


Are you ready to help women in technology SOAR? How about leading the discussion on one of our monthly topics as a guest moderator? As a guest moderator, you can contribute two blog posts (or articles) to our site, as well as facilitate an on-line seminar for that month. In turn, we will showcase your talents and services to our membership, so why not join in the fun? Join the Metis Movement Guest Moderator team and make a difference.


Want to sponsor a seminar or event, or just advertise to our network? Join our Sponsor Team and let these powerful women know about your organization and what it has to offer. Some powerful women in technology will hear your message, and you’ll be able to make an impact on their careers as well.

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Metis Movement Affiliates

Please check out Metis Movement’s program affiliates.


August 2013 Press Release – Ms. Justina Mutale, philanthropist, humanitarian and human rights advocate brings her relationships to the International Women’s Think Tank (IWTT) in collaboration with Founder and CEO Ms. Brenda Morant and the IWTT Team.