Our Membership Community

What is a Circle?

A circle is a sub-community of the Metis Movement. Each circle contains a group of members that focuses on a particular area of interest regarding technology careers for women. A moderator will host the circle and all members are welcome to submit content or comments to share with other members.

A circle is a great way to network with your peers, learn skills, get advice and keep up to date on the latest trends.

What you can expect as a member?

After you join the Metis Movement, you will complete an assessment that will help us place you in the communities that best fit your needs. All members are automatically eligible for the Technology Circle.

Over time, as your career and life change, your circles may change as well.

Each month, a different moderator will provide insights, blogs, a circle webinar and moderate discussion boards.

We will continually evaluate our circles and plan to have at least 10 at any one time. We are beginning with five and planning to add five more by December of 2012. As a member, we value your input on circles, moderators and content. We want to be sure we are meeting your needs and helping you grow throughout your technology career. Below is a list of our active circles.


Description: Executive Leadership
Circle Focus:
Trends, issues and challenges faced by women in senior leadership roles within their organizations.
Target Members: CIOs; VPs; Directors


Description: Project/Team Management
Circle Focus:
Trends, issues and best practices for women who manage teams of technology professionals or who are project managers of technology-based projects.
Target Members: Managers; Team Leaders; Project Managers; Technology-related Sales Managers


Description: Emerging Talent
Circle Focus:
Women who are beginning their careers in the technology field and are looking to move into higher level positions.
Target Members: Technology Specialists; Analysts; Developers; Technology Sales Associates


Description: Talent In Transition
Circle Focus:
Issues and trends for women who are re-entering the workforce or changing jobs. The circle will focus on understanding current hiring needs, part-time positions, how to make the break in your resume work for you, self-confidence and family support.
Target Members: Women re-entering the workforce; Women changing jobs; Women who want to change careers to technology; Working Mothers


Description: Technology Insights
Circle Focus:
The group will focus on the latest trends in technology.
Target Members: All members are included in this Circle